About us

About us

Headquartered in Sao Paulo – Brazil, Medison’s Bartenders has been active in the party and event market since 2004. In 2006 it opened a branch in Rio de Janeiro and Campinas. In 2017 opened its branch in Lisbon – Portugal, focused mainly on weddings and premium events.

Our goal is to offer a quality product, cordial service, and satisfaction.
We have a team of bartenders who, besides being young, beautiful and friendly, are professionals able to make any kind of special and delicious drinks and cocktails.

Medison’s has all the infrastructure an event needs to make it unforgettable.
The menu is personalized and can be adapted to any type of party, always aiming at the need and expectation of the hosts.

Drinks and cocktails are prepared using top quality selected ingredients and are elegantly and sophisticatedly presented.

The decoration items are chosen according to the profile of the event and may include differently shaped jars, colored liquids, dry ice, directed lighting, among others for guests’ joy and fun.

Medison’s Bartenders Portugal is legally and financially independent from Medison’s Bartenders Brazil.